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Bakuchiol Benefits - Bakuchiol And Retinol Together

Bakuchiol Benefits - Bakuchiol And Retinol Together GoodRx

As The Interest In Clear Skin Grows With Each Passing Day, There Are New Promising Products And Ingredients Seen Emerging In The Market. Ladies And Gentlemen, Gather Around As I Introduce You To One Of The Most Viral And Talked About Ingredients These Days – Bakuchiol.

It Has Taken The World By Storm, And This Is Major Because Of Its Ability To Provide The Exact Same Benefits As Retinol Does.

For So Many Years, Retinol Has Been The Holy Grail For A Lot Of People. If There Was Just One Product That Was Allowed To Be Used, Retinol Was The One To Be Chosen By The Skincare Community.

While There Is No Arguing That Retinol Is Great For The Skin, It Is Also Known As One Of The Most Irritation-causing Ingredients Of Skin Care. So, Bakuchiol Benefits Have Come To The Rescue. How? Read On.

I know, Bakuchiol (Pronounced Buh-koo-chee-all) )Does Sound Like The Name Of A Cartoon Character But The Benefits That It Contains Are Unmatchable. So, Let’s Explore More And Read About What Bakuchiol Is And What Benefits Does It Contain?

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What Is Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol Is Extracted From The Leaves And Seeds Of The Psoralea Corylifolia Plant Which Is Commonly Known As The Babchi Plant. It Has Been A Part Of Ayurvedic And Chinese Medicine Treatment For Soothing Inflammation, Healing Cuts, And Redness And Rashes.

It Is A Natural Plant-derived Alternative To A Retinoid Or Retinol Is a Vitamin A Based Chemical That Helps In Improving The Turnover Of The Skin Cells. One Of The Bakuchiol Benefits Is That It Makes The Skin Smoother And More Radiant Without Causing Irritation Or Redness. 

Bakuchiol Vs. Retinol – What’s The Difference?

Retinoids Are Skincare Ingredients That Are Most Commonly Used To Tackle Fine Lines And Wrinkles And Are Mostly Available By Prescription. Retinols On The Other Hand Are Weaker And Can Be Bought Over The Market.

Bakuchiol Is A Very Natural Alternative To A Retinoid And Activates Similar Pathways To Boost Collagen Production.

While Retinol Is Effective In Smoothing Out The Skin And Removing Fine Lines And Wrinkles, It Comes With A Baggage Of Peeling, Stinging, Burning, And Dryness On The Skin.

But By Looking At Bakuchiol Benefits, All Of These Side Effects Are Not Observed. It Is Generally Less Irritating And Causes Less Redness And Flaking Of The Skin.

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Bakuchiol Oil Vs. Bakuchiol Serum: Which One To Choose? 

Serums Have A Very Lightweight Formula. They Have A Lotion-like Texture That Gets Easily Absorbed Into The Skin. Also, These Can Be Easily Layered With Oyster Skin Care Products.

So, If You Have Oily Or Combination Skin, Or If You Want To Get Bakuchiol Benefits With Other Skin Products, It Is Best To Choose The Serum Over The Oil.

Oils, On The Other Hand, Are Much Heavier Than Serums. They Are Best If Used On Dry Skin. If You Have Dry Skin, Then Use Bakuchiol Oil At Nighttime, And Make Sure To Use It As A Last Step Of Your Skincare Routine. 

Bakuchiol And Retinol Both Boost Type I, Iii, And Iv Of Collagen In The Skin. Studies Have Confirmed That 0.5% Bakuchiol Cream And 0.5% Retinol Cream Gave Similar Results In Reducing Hyperpigmentation.  

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Benefits Of Bakuchiol For Skin

Experts At Pims Islamabad Say That Bakuchiol Offers Several Benefits To The Skin That Are Unmatchable To Any Other Product With Much Fewer Side Effects. Let’s Have A Look.

1. Reduces Acne
Bachociol Suppresses Alpha-reductase, Which Is An Enzyme That Increases Oil Production In The Skin. So, Therefore The Less Oil There Is On The Skin, The Lesser The Chances Of Acne Appearing On The Skin.

One Of The Bakuchiol Benefits Is That It Prevents The Growth Of P.Acnes Bacteria On The Skin Which Prevents The Skin From Getting Frequent Breakouts.

2. Reduces Signs Of Aging
Bakuchiol Can Boost Collagen Production Which Can Help In The Reduction Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines. This Then Improves The Elasticity Of The Skin, Which Makes It More Firm And Youthful.

Moreover, It Is Easily Tolerated By The Skin That Is Prone To Eczema, Rosacea, Cosmetic Intolerance, Atopic Dermatitis, And Any Other Type Of Sensitivity.

3. Helps In Skin Healing
Dr. Annum Shahzadi, Who Is One Of The Best Dermatologists In Pakistan Says That One Of The Oldest And The Most Ancient Uses Of Bakuchiol And Chinese Medicine Was To Heal And Soothe The Skin. This Is Possible Because Of The Anti-inflammatory Properties That Are A Part Of Bakuchiol Benefits. It Helps A Lot In Calming Skin Rednesandso Soothes Rashes On The Skin.

4. Helps With Hyperpigmentation
Bakuchiol Can Effectively Reduce Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Patches, Scars, And Dark Spots. Due To All Of These Issues, The Color Of The Skin Becomes Uneven. So, Hyperpigmentation And Uneven Skin Tone Can Be Reduced With The Use Of Bakuchiol. 

How To Use Bakuchiol? 

Now That You Know The Benefits Of Bakuchiol, You Must Be Wondering About The Right Way To Use It. So, Let’s All Understand That.

1.  Patch Test
It Is Always Recommended To Do A Patch Test On Your Skin Before Using Any New Product. You Need To Do That, Especially Before Availing Of The Bakuchiol Benefits If You Have Skin Allergies Or Sensitivity. Moreover, The Products That You Use May Contain Ingredients That Are Not Suitable For Your Skin.

2. Twice A Day
Use Bakuchiol Products Two Times A Day, Preferably At Night Time. To Keep The Skin Protected From Harmful Rays, It Is Very Important To Use Sunscreen In The Daytime. For Nighttime, It Is Best To Use A Heavy Formula That Is Oil-based.

3 Correct Percentage
To Make Sure That Your Bakuchiol Product Leaves The Best Effect On Your Skin, It Is Important To Use The Correct Percentage Of The Product On Your Face.  Ideally, The Percentage Should Be Between 0.5% To 2% For Visible Results. But Do, Consult With The Best Dermatologist Near You To Find The Suitable Percentage For Your Skin. 

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